Back, Neck, Shoulder or Joint Pain or Stressful Life or just need Relaxing, here you can Find the Solution!

Body Massage Services, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, Proven Pain Relief treatments!


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  • Relaxing Massage: swedish massage and other stress-relief treatments for body and soul relaxing

  • Pain Relief Massage: deep tissue massage and detoxicating honey with vacuum effect

  • NEW! Anti-Aging Face Massage: the bases of this treatment are reflexology, lymph massage and Far Eastern face massage techniques. It is recommended for everyone who would like to preserves their youthful appearance and vitality. Totally natural treatment. Not cosmetic massage. Before/After photos.

  • Wellness treatments: NEW! hot stone massage, dead sea mud-pack, wellness honey with body peeling (anti-cellulite massage, ayurvedic and indian head massage -coming soon)

  • Foot reflexology: stimulates the operation of the organs, can prevent illnesses, faster recovery from illnesses

  • Mobile Massage: our Mobile Massage treatments are available in Coventry, Leamington Spa and Rugby, ca. 20 miles around Coventry

All relaxing and pain relief massage treatments can be also booked as mobile service. Some of the special massage treatments are only available in our studio, check our booking page.

Only non-sexual therapeutic massage treatments!


About Myself

  • Professional Massage Therapist since 2014

  • Had been working for years for General Electric and British Telecom as Economist (BSc)

  • Became a Therapist finally to bring the good effects of the massage to people

  • Massage studies in the International Massage Academy

  • Got practice in famous institutes as Lukacs Thermal Bath (Read More) and National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy (Read More) in Budapest - the Spa capital of the Wold!

  • Qualification in Remedial MassageSwedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Footreflexology, Wellness Massage services

  • Expertmassage is the place you can get a similar to Spa Wellness Sensation, Try and Book one of my Spa Massage - inspired by the Hungarian Spas !

Customer Stories

Serious Back Pain with Medication

A client had very serious lower back pain and was taking strong medication to manage the discomfort. After 4 visits for weekly massage treatment, the back pain was improved so much that the client could completely stop taking the medication. The client also felt much better with regards to general condition, including notable improvements in back position and posture.

Relieving Migraine Pain 

A client arrived for a massage treatment to relieve migraine pain. Before considering treatment at
Expertmassage, the client had tried several traditional and alternative remedies, with little-to-no
resulting improvements. On the second treatment at Expertmassage, after releasing the tension in
the circulation around the painful areas, the migraine appeared again; however, the discomfort felt
notably different. On the second and third days after treatment, the migraine was becoming less and
less painful, much improved from the original condition. After the third massage treatment, the
migraine completely disappeared.

Neck and Shoulder Discomfort

A client visited Expertmassage with neck and shoulder discomfort, with a very prominent bone
structure and uneven muscle patterns. After the third weekly deep tissue massage treatment, the
muscles that were initially locked to the bone structure, began to release and take the ideal form.
With further treatments, the client’s back, shoulder and neck muscles would further release and
relax to their normal position, revealing a well-toned and muscular appearance.


Where we are

Southam - 7 min

Leamington Spa - 14 min

Coventry - 20 min 

Click on the map below and check out the quickest route to us:

REMINDER: if you don't want to travel to our massage salon, order one of our Mobile Services and enjoy your treatment at your home.

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