Reflexology, dates back to ancient China and Egypt, and is documented in ancient medical texts as far back as 4000 B.C. Similarly to acupuncture’s potential benefits and methodology, reflexology uses pressure rather than needles to activate points and organs throughout the body.

Though one of the oldest healing practices, reflexology wasn’t adopted in the Western regions of the world until at least the 1500’s, and again later in the 20th century when it was Westernized and perhaps simplified in practice in Russia and Europe.

The Potential Benefits Of Reflexology Are:

  • increased immunity

  • improved energy

  • eased stress and anxiety

  • pain relief

  • circulation stimulation

  • reduced blood pressure

  • congestion relief

  • internal organ stimulation

The practice of reflexology follows the meridians – energy lines or channels that map the entire body. Each organ corresponds with different channels which can be accessed through different points on the body. There are fourteen major channels of the body, and when it comes to reflexology, over two thousand points throughout the body.

Though acupressure and reflexology can be practiced anywhere on the body, it is common to do so on the hands, ears or feet, where the meridian channels end and all come together. Concentrated in these areas, we can access every organ and system on the body.

When it comes to our feet, these points can be accessed through the soles of our feet was well as the tops. Simplified, there are four main areas of the soles of the feet that correspond to organs relating to the head and neck, spine, chest, and pelvic areas. The left foot corresponds to the left side of the body, and the right foot, the right side of the body.

Movement of the treatment:

  • the treatment takes 60 minutes

  • disinfection

  • peeling

  • sort bone

  • warm-up

  • massage

  • ending


  • fever, septic status

  • inflamed venas

  • serious depressive status

  • oedema

  • lymphatic problems

  • serious diabetes

  • in first day of menstruation

  • peacemaker

  • tumor

  • serious arteriosclerosis

  • after 2-3 days of extraction of a tooth

  • untreated high blood pressure

  • over 140 blood pressure

  • open wound

  • drag, alcoholic status

  • minimum 6 weeks after delivery

  • pregnancy

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