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NewMoon Basic -15%
for Body&Soul Relaxing

  • The Original way of Tranquillity and Relaxing

  • Based on Swedish Massage techniques

  • Applied Light Pressure

  • This massage is not suitable for pain relief

  • 1 hr I £37.99 (-15% discount included)

Anti-Aging Face Massage

for Rolling Back the Years

  • The bases of this treatment are Reflexology, Lymph Massage and Far-Eastern Face Massage techniques.

  • This kind of face massage is recommended for women and men who would like to preserves their youthful appearance and vitality.

  • Before/After photos - Read more

  • Totally natural treatment.

  • Not cosmetic massage.

  • 1 hr I £51.99 - Introductory price contains £18 discount (for limited time only)

FullMoon Extra -15%
for strong muscle & joint pain

  • Deep Detox for Your Body

  • Based on Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue techniques & Detoxicating Honey massage (vacuum effect)

  • Finish with Dead Sea Mud Pack (20 min relaxing)

  • Applied Medium to Deep Pressure

  • Performed with Medium to Slow Pace

  • Used any Body Treatment Massage Oil chosen by You

  • 2 hr I £81.99 - Most value from Expertmassage

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