Detoxicating honey massage

How can a honey massage aid in detoxing the body? It is just according to its apellation is a massage, in fact it is a typical vacuumeffect formation using honey. Honey as a product is full of goodness, it has a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-sceptic; honey is non-toxic and has strong beneficial effect. So it can be used for very sensitive skin as well. The composition of honey includes sugars such as glucose and fructose and also minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron, phosphate and vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3. With this treatment we detoxicate the histic under the skin, ease the pressure, shake up the muscles, moisturizes the skin, draws out toxins due to its sticky consistency. The effect of the honey massage can be felt almost immediately after a single treatment, helping to improve vitality and relaxing your mind and body. Honey massage will help to: joint, back, shoulder pain.

Hands are pressed to the honey skin surface, hands are lifted up and with the vacuumeffect the skin is lifted up as well. On the treated surface throuth the distended pores the valuable agents of the honey absorbs in the skin. After honey becomes sticky when rubbed and massaged into the body, the consistency of the honey changes, turning into white grainy pellets on the skin.

During the massage, the energy meridians which correspond to internal organs are stimulated. The stimulation of these meridians and the start of the detoxification process promote a strong revival of the whole body. Honey massage considerably improves blood circulation in deeper layers of the skin and warms and tones the skin, promoting improvements in nutrition and waste removal in the skin and in all of internal organs and also eliminates the pain.


If you want to treat yourself to a healthy and relaxing massage with the best health benefits, try the deep tissue cupping treatment or Swedish massage in combination with honey massage therapy and ending with mud-pack. Not only will you return from your honey massage with your muscles feeling relaxed and calm, but your skin will be radiant and healthy from absorbing honey's vitamins and minerals and getting rid of and detoxing from the toxins hidden deep in the skin and muscles during the cupping treatment.


You can find this massage in the following massage packages:

  • FullMoon Premium (60min, 90min)

  • FullMoon Extra (90min, 120min)



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