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Note: the proper full body massage takes 90 minutes, please consider it when you book your appointment.


FullMoon Extra

– Strong Muscle & Joint Pain

NewMoon Plus

– for Muscle Relaxing

  • The Healthiest Caffeine replacement

  • Based on Swedish Massage techniques

  • Applied Light to Medium Pressure

  • 1 hr I £41.99 or 1 hr 30 min I £51.99

FullMoon Basic

– for Muscle Pain

FullMoon Plus

– for Muscle Pain & Relaxing

FullMoon Premium

– for Strong Muscle Pain

NewMoon Basic

– for Body & Soul Relaxing

  • The Original way of Tranquillity and Relaxing

  • Based on Swedish Massage techniques

  • Applied Light Pressure

  • Not suitable for pain relief

  • 1 hr I £37.99 - Lowest Price
    or 1 hr 30 min I £51.99

Spa and Wellness Treatments

Relaxing Massage

Pain Relief Massage (Deep Tissue)

Anti-Aging Face Massage

– for Rolling Back the Years

  • The bases of this treatment are Reflexology, Lymph Massage and Far-Eastern Face Massage techniques.

  • This kind of face massage is recommended for women and men who would like to preserves their youthful appearance and vitality.

  • Before/After photos - Read more

  • Totally natural treatment.

  • Not cosmetic massage.

  • 1 hr I £51.99 - Introductory price contains £18 discount (for limited time only)

Anti-Aging Face Massage


Hot Stone Basic

– for Muscle Relaxing

  • Based on Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Massage techniques

  • Applied Light to Medium Pressure

  • 1 hr I £44.99 or 1.5 hr I £54.99 - New

Hot Stone Deep

– for Muscle Relaxing

  • Restore & Revive the Power in You

  • Based on Swedish MassageDeep Tissue and Hot Stone Massage techniques

  • Applied Medium to Deep Pressure

  • 1.5 hr I £54.99 - New


- for the Healthy Body & Feet

  • The Original way of Tranquility and Health

  • Based on Refreshing Massage on the Feet with Footreflexology

  • Steps: Desinfection, Peeling with Dead Sea Salt and natural vegan Massage Oil, Sort Bone, Warm-Up, Reflexzone Massage

  • 1 hr I £34.99 - Best Price

Honeymoon - Wellness

– for Smooth, Healthy Skin

  • The Original way of Refreshed and Healthy Skin

  • Excellent treatment also for Relaxing

  • Using Dead Sea Salt / Dr. Organic Scrub and Massage Oil for Body Peeling

  • Using Honey and Massage Oil for the Smooth and Healthy Skin

  • Based on Swedish Massage techniques

  • Applied Light Pressure

  • Steps: Body Peeling on the back, Massage with Honey and Oil on the back, then Body Peeling and Massage again arse upwards

  • 1 hr 30 min I £59.99 - Wellness sensation

Mobile Massage Treatments

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